PALMER RAPIDS, ON, January 23, 2019 - This marked the 13th year that attendees could fill out the back cover of their World Tour Program to enter the Aqua-Bound Sweepstakes. Everyone who attended one of our World Tour screenings had the chance to win an Aqua-Bound canoeing, kayaking, kayak fishing, or SUP prize pack with up to a $375 value. 

After 92 screenings around the globe, we collected 16,300 ballots for the 2018 Aqua-Bound Sweepstakes. After all of the ballots were collected, we did a random draw and Lindsey Rae was picked as the 2018 Aqua-Bound Sweepstakes winner. Lindsey Rae selected the SUP paddles as her prize. The SUP prize pack included the Aqua-Bound Malta Fiberglass ($234.95) and the Aqua-Bound Lyric 2pc ($139.95).

Lindsey Rae


The Paddling Film Festival team would like to thank everyone who entered and congratulate Lindsey Rae for being chosen as the 2018 Aqua-Bound Sweepstakes winner.


Aqua-Bound will also be sponsoring the 2019 Aqua-Bound Sweepstakes. Click here to find an event in your area so you can have your chance at winning the 2019 prize pack.